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 Guangzhou tachi international freight agency co., LTD. Is a CZ, CA, CI, HU, MH, TG, SQ,.vn, UL, TK, EK, EY, KQ, ET, QR, MS, KE, OZ airlines in Hong Kong and guangzhou areas such as the core of the agent, stick to resources, to the lowest cost and guarantee the goods on time to arrive at the destination.

We are the domestic air transportation, is CZ, CA, MU, useful, such as HU, first class agents of the airlines, can provide all over the country, from guangzhou, shenzhen airport air service.

1, the booking. Operator to the airline booking, implement the airline flights, shipping space and some special terms and conditions required by the customers and guests.

2, check the airway bill. Before the goods into the warehouse, need to check the waybill information.

A, the operator must first check with the client A good shipper, consignee, notify party), three aspects in English the name information.

B, the operator according to the flight situation, and the goods ready arrange cargo transport time and make the customs declaration data connection. Urges customers to ensure the outer packing of goods in good condition for aircraft loading, customs clearance material to prepare important presence of random file. Customs data and random files with the goods to the airport or express delivery to the airport customs department before shipment.

3, the warehousing formalities. After the goods to the warehouse, after check the goods in good condition, can label on the outer packing of the goods, quantity size, weighing.

4, customs declaration/p

A, the customs department review and sort out the guest to provide A complete set of customs docs, through A single, to send, the customs document examination center, after approval, A series of the customs declaration is submitted to the original data to the customs declaration, if no problem with the documents, usually two hours can be released.

After B, customs clearance, waybill and the relevant documents (random files, etc.) to the loading place designated by the counter. Commonly known as "p".

5, settlement. Finance settlement, notice to open DEBIT NOTE or invoice.

6, tracking. In operation of air cargo tracking the arrival of the goods, such as use overseas agent to do information to overseas agent to follow up.

Piece goods is heavier, larger size, may produce a forklift, packaging, backplane, inspection fee and delivery fee, etc.; If you have debited.

S/p or need to modify the bill of lading after shipment of goods, fees according to the airline charges standard.

For transit goods, good confirmation is required to provide relevant documents, and other aspects of the information, so as not to generate additional costs.

A normal operation time for transit goods customs by 4 PM, need A levite before 4 o 'clock in the afternoon; The column must fill in the export goods declaration form in the mode of transportation for the "air transportation".

B "YanQiZhang" original customs declaration must cover, the driver with manifest the paper (driver) must be sealed separately, complete and stamped with the place.

All goods customs declaration by the weight of the weighing and the weight of the airport can't deviation of more than 3%, including transit goods, otherwise will affect the normal customs clearance cause can't shipment and generate additional costs.

 For the volume weight is greater than the actual weight of goods, and customers have to confirm the chargeable weight.

  Individual points have special requirements for the bill of lading and file, be sure to confirm the good, the goods to South America, for example, usually the to display price. To the Middle East point generally must provide CO, convenient destination customs clearance.

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