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For comprehensive meet customer demand, our company with the DHL, EMS, UPS international express company signed a contract, such as in Hong Kong has its own international Courier agent and trading accounts, and provide special line, postal packets and other international Courier service.

Let you enjoy the EMS, UPS, DHL, TNT, FEDEX five express company most favorable discount and considerate service.

The express routes advantage analysis:

DHL international express: DHL is currently the largest customer usage in the world, the most safety, also has the largest international postal delivery service, and price has the very big advantage, so has been favored by the majority of customers welcome! Our company opened agent DHL line including the Hong Kong DHL prepaid DHL express, Hong Kong DHL us blue sheet and mainland regardless of the volume, red single DHL, each line each have different advantages.

FEDEX international express: our company is divided into agent FEDEX FEDEX big cost, little cost and FEDEX FEDEX big cost mainly aimed at southeast Asia, the United States, Canada, Western Europe and other markets. This price is our company holds an absolute advantage in the market!

UPS international express delivery: we divided into Hong Kong UPS UPS express, UPS lines, such as the United States blue sheet, China UPS UPS has aging fast, low prices, customs clearance ability etc, also welcomed by many customers, we use UPS and long-term relations of cooperation, with a good reputation and favorable price, our company agents UPS has been a large advantage in the market!

TNT international express: our TNT is divided into shenzhen red list of TNT, preferential price, medium-speed TNT, TNT Hong Kong Western Europe. TNT Hong Kong preferential mainly in Western Europe and parts of eastern Europe, Western Europe medium-speed TNT mainly in Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and parts of eastern Europe, this line price advantage is very obvious, coupled with the aging faster, so TNT is the first choice for many customers.

Special line express: our dedicated line is divided into special line of special line, the United States, Asia and the Middle East dubai special line, etc. Line with competitive price, rapid delivery, flexible operation, strong pertinence, good security, thus the shuttle is also one of the main business of our company!

Above each line each have different advantages, as long as you deliver the cargo to us, no matter go to which countries and regions, we must can design a most suitable for you, for you the most preferential price, best service line! The safety and efficiency of "treasure," is our consistent commitment to customers!

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