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Our trailer service in guangzhou, the pearl river delta, Hong Kong and other regions. Security, integrity, transportation team, a professional car following, vehicle control, 24 hours a day to keep information flowing with the customer at any time, ensure the safety of the transportation, smooth.

Our works: the customer can do STH for sb the trailer with the booking fax service.

1, The freight forwarding agent in BOOKING the REPORT clearly marked as "arrange trailer", the personnel of the service will be BOOKING confirmation (S/O), BOOKING REPORT and shipping address provided by the customer, loading time, loading contacts, to send staff to arrange the trailer together.

2, Send personnel to send business, the audit BOOKING on trailer information provided is complete, the customer to our trailer towing bracket with the requirements. Example: a small ark, towing bracket is whether the board when the small cabinet can be placed in towing bracket in front or behind or in the middle. For container to do transit, local customs whether to ask drag in the first three controls (three contrasts: driver certificate, certificate of mop head, customs) load licenses in the car or only with the driver, such situation is to implement the clear with the client.

3, To the trailer company send list before, once again, contact the customer specific do ark time and address, after confirmed, entering the FMS system on the platform trailer, pies, car. Send the list to a specific loading door, loading time, loading contact box/box, S/O number, quantity and the freight, also need to be in the "remarks" on customer demand for our trailers.

4, Trailer company entrusted by the mentioned requirements after the ark, to the driver's name, telephone number, license plate, container number, titles, and send back to our company, S/O number information such as operation arrange trailer company after the information provided by fax to the customer, and confirm whether receive send information with customers, will also send information feedback to the salesman. (such as customer's requirements of loading time is for the driver in the middle of the night to mention ark, failed to provide the container number, during the working time is the dealer information provided to the customer first, container number, titles to notify the customer, the salesman again after the next day to go to work.)

 5, Arrange the trailer will continue after the tracking service, to confirm whether the trailer with the customer within the prescribed time, reached the place of loading, the container after a time, the problems will be halfway to clear record timely feedback supervisor and clerk; The record table and fill the trailer arrangement:

Time to pull the car customers loading time loading place order container number time of arrival is ark time note

A, Customers confirm trailer has arrived on time, please record registration "on time" is arranged in the trailer.

B, Such as customer feedback the trailer to the container location, contact the driver when it can reach, what reason be late, call to the customer again. Snap clients and principle, to ensure the quality of our service and are not allowed to stay customers find our complaints driver late or other reasons, must to do the work at the front. The records of time will be late for trailer company in the remarks column, for trailer late customer complaints to reflect to the dealership, statement of the problem, not only affect our cooperation with customers, therefore we also give the car business.

C, After the container, also require the trailer company will "still ark paper" fax to our company, to inform client container wharf, also has well also ark time record.

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